The History of a Dream: The History of FTE

By: Diego Arias Armijos


The goal of “Fine-Tuned English” is to offer students an efficient and effective way to learn English language. People generally know the service they offer, but few know about the history of the institute; When was Fine-Tuned English” founded?, The reasons for its creation and the objectives of the Institute.

The beginning of the institution

“Fine-Tuned English Institute” started its operations on November 4th, 1992 in the city of Loja. The founders were Saula Aguilar Jaramillo, M.A. and Edgar Ivan Abad Villavicencio, M.A. These two English language professionals and entrepreneurs were partners in a Colombian company. Here is where they had an incredible idea to create an English Academy in the city of Loja. Its humble beginnings were on the second floor of a two-story apartment building on Sucre and Miguel Riofrio Street.

The reason

English is a global language that can help you in the future, with this idea the founders knew mastering a second language significantly increases the chances to get a good job for the young students, and this was the principal motivation for the creation of the academy. In few years, FTE was able to attract the attention of students and parents, who were looking for an institution like this in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

The “Fine-Tuned English” Objective

To build trust in students and parents was and still is the goal of this institution since the beginning and with perseverance and professionalism FTE has changed several facilities as the number of students grew. FTE has always been looking for new ways to improve and create the best environment for the students. The current facility is equipped with the latest technology in order to teach in an updated way.


Ever since its creation, “Fine-Tuned English” has demonstrated its compromise and innovation; from dealing with problems in the past to improving on its pedagogic structure through local and native-speaking teachers to providing new ideas to the community of this academy. FTE is always ready to improve the well-being of its students and achieve new goals to expand to other places like Catamayo, Zamora, and Yantzaza.

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