Educational and Cultural Contributions of FTE

By: Camila Ayora

Interculturality Concept

I believe that all of us know the importance of education and, above all, interculturality, the understanding and acceptance of different cultures of the world. By learning from a diverse group of teachers, students can become familiar with the rest of the world and communicate in a more effective way. For that reason, I am going to mention some contributions that FTE has made and how those helped me to learn more about other countries.

Knowledge obtained

The events that have taught me about new cultures and are very important are the festivals held by my academy. These events consist of students together with the teachers being in charge of representing a country and showing some of its customs, main characteristics, clothing and typical dishes. This event is held in a public place in which anyone can attend.
Another aspect that helped me to learn a lot about different countries, occurred within the classroom since FTE hires many teachers from other countries such as the United States, Canada, Guatemala, Ghana, South Africa, and more. A clear example was that in my last cycle, I had a teacher from South Africa, and she taught me about the most important places like Johannesburg, the typical dishes and the animals represented there.
It should be noted that the books also contain information that teach us more about the things that happen in the world. In my case, I have learned about an accident that occurred in Chile in which 33 miners were trapped in the mines for 69 days. I will never forget reading about this occurrence.

Influence of the academy

Not only does FTE contribute to our society through festivals, but within academic demonstrations we can learn about many countries as well. An example is that once, I made a presentation about Mexico for the Academic Demonstrations, and I learned about its food, traditions, customs and festivals.
In conclusion, most of my knowledge about cultures I owe to the FTE because this academy has contributed enormously to me, teaching me not only a new language but cultures and traditions of different countries which I greatly appreciate.

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