Personal experiences with my favorite teachers

By: Emily Ojeda 

For this blog I would like to share some experiences with my favorite teachers at Fine Tuned English.

My first experience with my teacher Lourdes Ruque from Teens 8. She was a very good teacher because I remember how she always tried to help her students to improve their skills. When I was in this period of Teens 8, we had one academic demonstration which was really nice because my classmates and I prepared a lot.

My second experience was with Mrs. Melody who is Seniors 2 teacher. In this short period of time, I think that she is a very experienced teacher who always tries to make the classes more dynamic to entertain her students with creative ideas to learn a new topic of grammar. She also always tries to cheer on her students to learn English. With this teacher, I have had the best time because I think that it is beautiful to try to be compressive with their students all the time.

In my time at Fine Tuned English, I had many amazing teachers that all taught me very well. I am very grateful for them. But these 2 teachers stand out for helping me the most with my English skills. I think that every teacher is excellent because all of them try to do their jobs well, and have organized all the explanations for their students. Ultimately, teachers want the students to learn a lot of things about the subject and students should appreciate their teachers for that.

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