Anecdotes from Fine-Tuned English Classes

By: Jordy Chimbo

In each semester at Fine-Tuned English, there are teachers and classmates that make a difference in your daily life as a student. Amazing experiences and great anecdotes shared with other people help you to enjoy the learning process even more.

Saturday Classes
At first, I attended classes on Saturdays. This was a difficult decision which meant I could not accompany my family with their organized trips on weekends. Also, I could not miss the class since I would lose the important grammar explanation of that week. It was not so bad after all, since my peers on Saturdays became good friends. That made the classes less tiring. Additionally, one of my teachers named Joan Morales tried to always make the classes more dynamic.

Why do you get confused with the names of some teachers?
During classes, you develop a certain type of trust with your teacher since you share great moments together, and switching teachers can definitely confuse a person. In my case, one of my teachers, who was Bryan Ruiz, was one of the people who helped me significantly. He helped me make the decision to change my schedule and receive classes throughout the week and not only on Saturdays. While it was a good decision, I was very confused when I switched. For some reason, I could not remember the name of my new teacher. I think that maybe it was due to the bond I still had with teacher Bryan.

The wrong floor
I remember a funny experience at FTE when one day I arrived with just enough time to get to my class. The elevator was busy, so I ran up the stairs. As I was worried about the time, I did not notice the classroom number that I went into. I quickly greeted the class and sat down. As I looked around, I saw students that I did not know. Fortunately, the teacher had not arrived yet, so I could go back to see the classroom number. Then I realized, I was not on the correct floor! I blushed and quickly left the room. Although I was late for my class, it was a funny experience. In «Fine Tuned English» you get to have memorable experiences with your friends and teachers while you learn English. Those moments will mark a stage in your life of learning and you will surely remember.

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