By: Martina Bustos

Through the years that I have been studying in Fine-tuned English, I have had many experiences when it comes to projects. As everybody knows, each year we do a presentation in front of our classmates and teachers to show what we learned about the chosen topic. Moreover, it is the perfect moment where we can manifest our speaking skills, fluency, and acting capabilities in front of others in which we express the information obtained.

In the presentation, it is especially important to use the right grammar and vocabulary. Otherwise, the audience will not be able to understand easily, and as a consequence, will stop paying attention. A couple other points to remember are: firstly, search for relevant information that will be interesting for your classmates, and at the same time has something they will remember. Secondly, review the pronunciation by practicing alone before the presentation. If you have a hard time remembering some information just try to replace it with a date you recall readily.
That’s why it is so essential to know what you will be presenting.

Teacher´s Opinion
Many times we are just conscious of one side of the facts, but now I would like to tell the teachers opinion about the projects, according to the interview. Teachers think that projects have highs and lows. Each project leads students to be creative, to improve their skills, and to practice grammar while doing their presentation. Almost every teacher is a huge fan of projects, because as a consequence, they can know if the students are learning what they explain and test their knowledge. The only downside of doing this type of presentation is the time, and sometimes teachers don´t have it.

Personal Opinion
In my opinion, projects are a good way to improve our speaking skills and test our knowledge regarding grammar and vocabulary in English. Despite this, I do not like the idea of standing up in front of my classmates because I consider myself a bit shy. Whenever I go to the front of the class, I always forget what I was going to say. I think my nerves betray me.

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