By: Luz Ramón

I am sure everyone would agree that practicing a second language is important these days. Without a doubt, Fine-Tuned English Academy provides you with the necessary knowledge of the English language. Are you one of those people who would like to be part of this academy? If I were you, I wouldn’t even think twice. Here are some testimonies of some parents and students who have taken part in the FTE experience.

Testimony by Anghelet Acaro

‘’I have been studying for seven years at FTE and I can say that each teacher has a unique  methodology. Generally we were taught with videos, games, conversations and films. I believe  that all this has helped us to develop our learning skills. In addition, the MyOn Reading Platform  has been very helpful to better understand reading and learn new vocabulary. Besides, by  completing projects we have insured our learning and shown what we are capable of. Taking  everything into account, I think that I had a good experience because I was able to make good  friends and establish a good relationship with most of my teachers and also shared many  moments of happiness.’’  

Testimony by Sofia Cabrera  

‘’I have been studying at Fine-Tuned English for approximately five  years due to a placement test. I personally have had a good experience because through those  five years, I have learnt not only an amazing language and values, but I have made some good  friends too. I have to thank them for all these years. A piece of advice for FTE teachers would be  that they should get familiar with their students.’’

Testimony by Alexander Cabrera  

‘’I had a good experience because my daughter fulfilled her studies. She didn’t have problems  learning. However, I believe that Fine-Tuned English should consider making an agreement with  all the schools and high-schools. I chose this academy because I wished my daughter would know  another language in order to get more opportunities in the future and I think it is working’’.  

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