Anecdotes from Fine-Tuned English classes

By: Camila Brito 

Fine-Tuned English brought me a lot of good experiences just like many other students. The best thing about having good or bad experiences is that you can learn from them. In this article, you will hear about some of the funniest and interesting anecdotes from a former FTE student and me. 

Left Behind Backpack  

One day, when I was in Seniors 1, my teacher told us that we were going to leave class about a half an hour early. So when the time arrived, I asked my classmate if she could lend me her cell phone because I had to call my dad to pick me up from there. I was talking with my dad when I arrived to the first floor. I returned the cellphone to my friend and I started talking with the rest of my classmates. Time passed by and I noticed that I didn’t have my backpack. So, I started to run to the fifth floor and suddenly all the lights were turned off and the classrooms were closed. There was nothing I could do. I didn’t get my backpack back, so my dad went back the next day to get it. It was so funny and I felt so really clueless. How could someone forget her backpack?

Wrong Classroom

In the interview that I did with a former student, she told me about a lot of funny stories, and one of them is that the first day of class in Fine-Tuned English, she got confused and went into the wrong classroom. She didn’t even realize that she was in the wrong room when the class ended. By that point she had already made friends. She told me that the teacher was funny and kind. Also her classmates were at the same age as her. The next day, she finally realized what had happened because her best friend asked “why you weren’t in class yesterday? You’re my classmate.” In that moment, she and her friend laughed so loud that everyone that passed by them started to look at them like they were crazy. 

Academic demonstration 

The second story that she told me is that once, in an academic demonstration, she had to play a role with some of her classmates. When they were in the middle of their presentation she forgot her line because she was nervous. She couldn’t remember so she started to invent things and her classmates had to change everything and improvise like her. In the end, it turned out to be a nice presentation because the teacher gave them a good grade. She mentioned that if everything had originally been improvised, she wouldn’t have had to study as much as she did at that time.

To sum up, having those kind of experiences provides you with life lessons. If something bad happens always remember that it happened for a reason and you have to take it as a lesson. You can learn from it and it will help your life.

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