Learning English Through Songs

By: Camila Brito

Songs are a good way to improve your English because through English songs, you can learn more about pronunciation, new vocabulary, and grammar. Also, songs can teach you more about different cultures with their entertaining videos or lyrics. Most people enjoy listening to music so the process of learning and development gets easier and the advantage of all of this is that it doesn’t put pressure on the person.

Young learners

Due to the fact that there exists a variety of audiences in music, young people are the most common participants in these kinds of learning and improvement methods because of their pleasure, songs such as rock, pop, and rap are hits in young people. Furthermore, songs are enjoyable and a fun way to de-stress and feel happy instantly. It’s like funny lessons of English because it teaches you pronunciation, intonation, and accent while also improving your listening skills and vocabulary development. Also, as a young person, I really enjoy listening to songs of whatever type or rhythm. For me, this is the best way to forget about my problems or to relax.

Types of songs

The type depends on each person, not everybody likes the same music as others, but it would be appropriate that you choose a song that makes you happy and with a beautiful meaning which improves your study emotion and that includes a variety of vocabulary. The key is to find a good method to understand and study. In my experience, I am a big fan of pop music because I think it’s the best option to understand and learn more English. Pop music has a good vibe and you can find good artists with great songs.

Learning development

If you have the song on constant repeat, you will know the lyrics and your pronunciation as well as your vocabulary knowledge will grow bigger and better! Every time you practice with different songs, always make sure that it includes difficult and advanced words. Also, you can complement your knowledge by doing other activities like watching movies or reading books. To sum up, songs contribute to learning English. Songs improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and learning skills which are an important complement in the study of the language. Finally, this method for language learning is not boring; it doesn’t put pressure on the student; and it’s a good way to express feelings.


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