Programa para estudiantes de Bachillerato y adultos - 8 niveles en el sistema regular o 4 niveles intensivos

This is a program for high school students and adults that consists of 8 levels in the regular system or 4 intensive levels, during which the students manage to speak with precision and fluency. This course introduces students to a new language through interactive texts, audiovisual material and online platforms; accelerating the learning process with a range of interesting strategies that encourage students to express themselves openly in English. It covers from level A1 to B1 of the Common Language Reference Framework.

With the Youth program students will achieve:

  • Quickly learning through a pedagogy that respects the needs and strengths of students.
  • Development of accuracy, avoiding typical errors in language handling such as form, word order and pronunciation.
  • Acquisition of a vast vocabulary and idiomatic expressions that will allow for better expression of ideas, opinions, experiences and more.
  • Customization of your learning with a lot of opportunities to discuss personal experiences and opinions.
  • Flexibility to practice what concepts learned in the classroom through online learning platforms.